Why should I mix my coins?


Whereas utilizing bitcoins is an amazing way to form your buys, gifts, and p2p installments, without losing cash through swelled exchange expenses, exchanges are never really mysterious. Bitcoin exercises are recorded and accessible freely by means of the blockchain; a comprehensive database which keeps a record of bitcoin exchanges.

All trades require the client to filter ID records, and expansive exchanges must be detailed to the right legislative specialist. Once you utilize Bitcoin to pay for merchandise and administrations, you may of course ought to give your title and address to the vender for conveyance purposes.

This implies that a third party with an intrigued in following your exercises can utilize your unmistakable adjust and ID data as a premise from which to track your future exchanges or to think about past action. In brief, you've got compromised your security and protection.

To dodge this, we suggest employing a quality blending benefit such as the one we offer to occasionally trade your bitcoins for different ones which cannot be related with the first proprietor. In arrange to encourage improve the security of your exchanges we offer the opportunity to utilize two or more forward addresses as well as helpful time delays. In expansion, we quickly erase all chronicled logs related to your exchanges.