How it works? Bitcoin mix service

We provide our clients with the ability to mix their coins and ensure safety in the process. Once the coins are sent to us, they are shuffled along with a number of other transactions through our mixer, which has over 2000 coins in reserve. Combined with the countless number of transactions we have processed in the past, it is nearly impossible to pinpoint the source and endpoint of coins. Thanks to the size of our reserve, we are also able to process transactions almost immediately without worrying about coin delivery on time. We celebrate your bitcoins Some users often express concern that we may be sending us coins at a discounted price. However, it is not. We flag coins sent to us algorithmically and ensure that coins sent by the same user will never be sent back to the same person. We understand the consequences of this and avoid any action that puts our users at risk. Freedom, freedom, privacy - we are on guard for the same. switch btc.

How it works? Your coins Mixed coins Mixed coins Our reserve

This method of mixing means that you do not have to wait for other customers – coins already mixed are instantly available.

Using bitmix code

The problem with this is that the user’s coins may still be in our reserve. Meaning, on the second transaction, there could be a possibility of the user receiving the same BTC s/he had originally had. This is why we created a generator referred to as “bitcode.”

Using bitmixer code Your coins Mixed coins Mixed coins Your previous coins

Using the Bitmix code means that a user’s previous coins will not be used in further mixing operations. Our problem is solved – every user continues to remain anonymous and private.