Our minimum fee is 0.5% plus 0.001 BTC for every forward address.

We recommend to set higher custom fee to prevent advanced amount-based blockchain analysis.

Miner fee is a financial reward that encourages miners to confirm transactions on the cryptocurrency network. Please note that miner fees are not collected by BestMixer, but are collected by the cryptocurrency network. Since the work done by miners is ultimately what keeps the network secure and moves transactions from one place to another, the commission paid to them is designed to cover the work and ensure the network's financial autonomy. The size of the miner's commission at any time depends on the network load.

Discounts vary depending on the chosen cryptocurrency. For example, if you mix 0.1 BTC with the BestMixer bitcoin mixer, you will receive a 10% discount on the next BTC mix, but not on the non-BTC mix. Hence, to get a 10% discount on mixing using LTC, you need to mix the minimum LTC coins shown in the table above.