How long does it take to complete the mixing process?

After the required confirmations of the miners * in the blockchain network, your coins are accepted into our pool. Once there, they drop vigorously and an unknown number of new coins will be sent to you immediately. For added security for our customers, Mixer introduced a time delay feature that our competitors do not have. Our new Delay feature allows users to set delivery times with minute precision. Using a time lag, blockchain analysis cannot detect and track your transaction. Therefore, we strongly recommend using time delays when mixing. However, the data transfer rate, including the time delay, will depend on the preset latency time and the working capacity of the blockchain. * Also, the number of required confirmations depends on the amount of the transfer and the type of cryptocurrency.

How many confirmations does Bitmix.io require for a transaction?

The number of required confirmations depends on the transfer amount and the type of cryptocurrency. Typically, each cryptocurrency operates on its own blockchain network and therefore has different verification requirements. Most of them have between 1 and 6 confirmations. The number of confirmations required depends on the transaction volume:

    Less than 0.5 BTC - 1 confirmation;
    Less than 1 BTC - 3 confirmations;
    Less than 2 BTC - 4 confirmations;
    More than 3 BTC - 5 confirmations.

Did you accidentally close the transaction page before receiving confirmation?

Not to worry! After starting the exchange process, there is no need to keep the transaction page open. Your order will be processed according to your chosen settings and will take no more than 72 hours. Bitmix.io does not store transaction data older than 72 hours as part of our customer privacy and security policy.

How long is incoming address valid for?

The generated address is valid for 24 hours only. We completely delete your order's data after 12 hours. All further payments will be ignored.

What logs are kept?

Absolutely no logs or personally identifying information are kept regarding your use of the Bitmixer service. All logs are permanently removed from both our website database and from our Bitcoin wallet after your coins have been transferred out of our reserve. All forwarding entries are removed after 24 hours.

What is the maximum transaction size?

The maximum transaction size depends on our current Bitcoin reserves and the number of coins from your previous transactions which are in our reserve. For your privacy, we cannot send you coins you have already sent to our reserve for mixing which may still be present in our Bitcoin reserves. You will be notified of your maximum transaction size during the order process.

Is there a minimum transaction size?

Please do not send transactions less than BTC. Smaller amounts will be considered as donations.

How do you protect your clients' privacy?

Bitmix.us does not store any information about its customers, and we also do not ask for identifying information. After all mixing conditions are met and the order is completed, the order history is deleted within 24 hours.

What is a Bitmix code?

After your first exchange you will receive a special Bitmixer code. This code makes sure that you will never receive any of the previous coins you have added to our reserves in any subsequent transactions you make with Bitmixer. In other words this ensures that you remain untraceable.

How long can I use the incoming address generated by bitmix.us to transfer coins?

The inbound address generated by bitmix.us is only valid for 24 hours after its creation and only works with the coin transfer process once. This means that after you start the mixing process with bitmix.us, the incoming address will receive coins from this process, but will ignore any subsequent deposit attempts. If you accidentally transfer coins more than once to the same incoming address, only the first transfer will be processed. If you make this mistake, don't worry. Just contact our bitmix.us support team to return unprocessed translation

Why should I set custom fee?

If attacker knows service fee, he can analyse blockchain to find exact sum transferred and discover your destination account.

For example if you send 100 BTC with a fixed fee 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC, you should receive 99.4995 BTC. It is not so difficult to check blockchain after 24 hours and find all exact transactions. Even if you use several forward addresses it is quite easy. That is why we strongly recommend to set custom fee, combined with several forward addresses and time delay.